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Deidre Sirianni
Yoga Rush
Vancouver, BC
I love to live life on the go! I have always been physically active and this now includes owning my own yoga business. That coupled with dance, soccer, running and other outdoor activities means that along with a healthy diet, my body demands the best in supplementation. I have without a doubt found this with the XANGO products and because I am always meeting new people, it was a no brainer to add XANGO to my business portfolio. I love to have fun and I believe that the only way to live is to be full of energy and passion. I love the company's culture and it compliments my life perfectly. As a professional in the health and fitness industry, it is great to have products that I can recommend that are 100% natural and taste amazing. Whether they are my average client or one of my competitive athletes, they need to know that these products can take their health to the next level. On top of all this, I am a dreamer and I love to travel. I can always take my XANGO business on the road with me and will always have a Limitless in hand.
Mishra Keller
Chicago, IL
When I first learned about XANGO, I was at a point in my life where I had been working a corporate job for 10 years and knew that I wanted to get off that train! I wanted to create a life where I had control of my schedule, the people I worked with, the projects that I spent my time working on, and to be able to determine my own value and worth in terms of how much income I earned. I am a professional dancer and yoga teacher and for a long time have been drawn to holistic health. So when my chiropractor shared XANGO with me I was immediately interested for the health benefits and the lifestyle opportunity.

After I became a health coach and started my health coaching practice, I knew that the XANGO opportunity was an excellent fit for my new business and career. It was a way for me to be able to help people with excellent products, while creating a steady and substantial residual income stream that would allow me to leverage my time and resources. As an owner of a service based business, I didn't want to be tied down to trading time for money. The XANGO opportunity has allowed me to create a solid structure for my nutrition business that allows me to do work that I'm passionate about and still have the time-freedom and income freedom that allow me to live the lifestyle that I want.

Olson Rodriguez
Atlanta, GA
Since I was a really little kid, I've always loved helping people. I'm kind of a matchmaker. I like connecting people with the things that make their lives more fun and happy. If you're looking for a great restaurant to eat at, I'll recommend one. If you're looking for a job, I'll help you find one. If you need love, I might be able to help you out there too. That's just who I am. XANGO "knocked on my door" at an interesting time in my life. Here I found products that were changing people's lives and my life too. And this time when I recommended them (something I would have done anyway) I was paid for it! I thought, "this is the right fit for me. This is the right business." And I love that it's online! I can do it from anywhere, send links out all the time and reach the masses worldwide reliably while still holding down my full time job as a waiter in a busy steakhouse in Atlanta. But my "ah-ha" moment came when I met someone who was really suffering with her health. XANGO changed her life in a really serious way, a way that was undeniable. She was so grateful for all that it did for her and that changed me. It was like someone opening a hole in the ground and planting me in XANGO soil. The charitable things this company does only adds to my conviction. I love what I do.
Janelle Crane
Flushing, MI
I always worked a "traditional job" and, like most people, I always wanted to make a little more money. A friend told me about XANGO's products and their commission plan, but I was skeptical at first. I had never done anything like it. But then I thought, "What if?"

What if we could make extra money with this? What if I said "No" and my friend did it anyways and had success?

Saying "Yes" to XANGO was life changing for me in so many ways! Taking their mangosteen products helped me battle a life-threatening illness! I became so passionate about helping others with their health and finances that my little home-based business quickly turned into a lucrative business. When I was earning enough, I quit my traditional job and now earn three times what I was making there. Not bad for someone who started out as a skeptic.

I look back over the years and wonder, "What if I had said no?"

Aimee Kinnane
Mom & Wellness Coach
Queensland, Australia
When we were introduced to XANGO, we weren't looking to make a business out of it. After some time, I asked David to do a little research on the company and we were surprised to learn about all the science behind the mangosteen fruit! I was sceptical but David ordered some XANGO juice and noticed some major benefits right away. So, the whole family got on it. That was 2 and a half years ago! I have not missed a day since and cannot imagine my life without it. (Yes – David won that one!!!) I felt great, more energy was my greatest benefit and a very welcomed one as I am sure most Mums out there will relate! The results we had sparked interest in our friends and family and then in instances their friends & families and before we knew it, we were earning an income! We had built an accidental business just by sharing our love & excitement for what we had found.
Art Manville
Online Marketer
Tenino, WA
In 2003 we were heavily in debt, maxed out on credit cards, with very little income when we heard about XANGO. We have always had a passion for products that could change people's lives, so when we learned about the mangosteen and saw all the research we were excited. Fortunately, shortly after launching our business we were able to spend time with Joe Morton who originally discovered the fruit and were very impressed. We were able to hit the six figure income we had been dreaming about in less than a year and for the first time in over 40 years together have absolutely no debt. We love to travel and when we are gone our business runs on it's own. In fact, we do millions of dollars per year in sales with no employees, inventory or alarm clocks…

What we found is that if you can align yourself with a company that has integrity, products that really help people and have an e-commerce based system, you really can earn significant income from home.

Michele Wesner
Insurance Specialist
Arlington, WI
I cannot tell you all of the incredible experiences that my family members and I have had with these products. The XANGO Juice alone has changed our lives in amazing ways! Then, after having our 2nd child I started FAVAO and was able to lose 30 lbs - all my baby weight and more! The food was great and it was so simple! Now I love putting together group challenges around helping others look and feel their very best! It's so rewarding to be able to make a difference in peoples lives.
When I looked at the business opportunity I got extremely excited, it was just what I was looking for! I've always wanted to do something different that gave me time and financial freedom – XANGO definitely fits the bill! Now that we have 2 little ones, I've been able to go part-time at work in the insurance industry and have more time with my family. Having the extra income allows us to live the life we've always dreamed of, and XANGO makes it so easy and fun! The Conventions are a blast and we've made life-long friendships. We were even rewarded with the trip of a lifetime, an amazing Caribbean cruise for being top enrollers! We'll never be without the XANGO products and we can't help but share it with everyone we meet! Thank you XANGO!

Heidi-Lyn Loker
Moncton, New Brunswick
I dabble in a lot of different things. I work in photography, love fashion and am very in to music. So, when I was first introduced to XANGO, it was the business part that caught my eye. I could tell the products were quality but my focus was on making a little extra here and there. Who doesn't like the idea of making money on the side while still doing the things you really love? The big surprise for me was how much these products would completely change my life. I've always been a little sickly. Genetics combined with some pretty awful health issues led me to believe the doctors when they told me I'd probably have problems for the rest of my life. WRONG! After using these products for just a short time I am a completely changed woman. My immune system has so many more tools to work with than it ever had before. Now when everyone is sick around me I barely bat an eye. It's almost like a weird adrenaline junkie high every time I realize I've averted another few weeks of being sick - I know firsthand what it's like living life on the other side of health… So, whenever I meet someone dealing with health issues, I feel compelled to share what we have. The products are natural and sharing them is natural for me too. The business is still a big focus for me - and this system makes it easy. As a new mom it's all I can do to have clean clothes and dishes most days. That's why I'm so grateful to have tools and technology at my disposable that are so cutting edge. I can do my work in 5 minute increments and still see results. I couldn't ask for anything better from a company and because they have the great mixture of an outstanding compensation plan, ground breaking products and the fact that they constantly strive to make things easier for me to work my business, I know the sky is the limit.
Lisa Collins
Aztec, NM
Eight years ago our life was in turmoil. I was told I had a career threatening condition that I would need surgery to treat. On top of that, things were tight. My husband, Randy had to work out of town during the week. Depression was at it's worst. I was sick (very) negative, and broke. Leaving the hair salon to have surgery was not an option for us…

And then one day it all changed. Randy was home one weekend and took me out to dinner. While we were at the restaurant I looked over and saw XANGO Juice on someone's table. I inquired about it and was given info. Long story short I ordered the juice and noticed dramatic changes in only two weeks! It was all about the health aspect for us when we began but then we decided to make it into a business too. We didn't have much success to start. Then someone showed us the MyMangosteen site and everything changed. We were able to share these amazing products on a whole new level and it was so easy! We started making money and even replaced Randy's income entirely. He's retired now and I'll be leaving the salon very soon now too!

Rasul Davis
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Santa Monica, CA
I can't remember a time that I didn't want to be a Superhero. When I grew up I realized it wasn't going to happen the same way it did in the comics. But I my interest developed into a passion for the closest thing to it; health, fitness and PERFORMANCE! Heroes help people. That's what I love to do more than anything. Most people don't realize that their greatest wealth is their health until it's too late. I was actually in the business of marketing health products way before I heard about XANGO, but my mother became deathly ill and I was looking for anything that would help her… When I was discovered XANGO and all their mangosteen based products I got really excited. We're talking about botanically based ingredients that can help the body do what it was designed to do: stay healthy or get back to healthy. Being a Holistic Health/Life Coach and Kettlebell/Fitness Coach, I'm always looking for ways to perform better and help my clients perform better as well. I have been taking the XANGO products for years now. I would take and recommend them even if their were no income opportunity attached because they work so well and help my body and mind on multiple levels. And I also love the freedom and flexibility this business offers because it allows you to create the lifestyle and work style that fits your needs. Now I get to be a "hero" for health - no cape and spandex required.
Erik Ramírez Barrueta
Recent Grad
Mexico City
As an International Relations major at my University, all I wanted to do was change the world. I like to give my best: to every person I meet and every activity I do. I enjoy it because I know that every moment and person are unique. Throughout my schooling I began to discover that my talents and passion were found in helping people, connecting them, being a leader for the causes I believed in. I didn't care if I received anything in return. I thought my education and university experience was preparing me for a job but when I was graduating, I found that the diploma and all the great awards I received didn't matter. There was no one waiting to offer me the employment opportunity that every student dreams of…

I knew I wanted something I could do and enjoy my entire life; something that made me a better person; somewhere I could truly help those around me. That's when I realized I had to become entrepreneur. If I wanted to change the world, impact more lives, that's what I would have to do. But how does a recent graduate student without great experience or a "secure" income even start? I know God has a purpose for each one of us, and every experience we live is for our growth. So when a friend said, "I want to share something important with you", I was very curious. I discovered XANGO: the people involved, what they represent and I was filled with the light of hope. This was what I had been looking for. This is the kind of business where you can really touch people's lives. Our world is so connected now. People everywhere are like me: looking for a way to have a better life, heath and income. XANGO offers a real way to transform and transcend where you are now. This has turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined.

Carol Plant
Great Grandma
Ontario, Canada
I had gotten to the point where I was praying to live long enough to see our first grandchild be born. Now my husband and I are blessed to enjoy GREAT grandchildren! That's why I represent these products: because they have changed my life and the lives of so many others. This site has been amazing for me too. I've been able to share this business and the health products with literally hundreds of people—all I have to do is put the information in and share away! It's so easy.

Make Health Your Living

XANGO, XALO, and MyMangosteen aren't like other businesses out there. Our focus is health: holistic, natural, well-researched, patent-based mangosteen products. Good for your body inside and out, these products make health.
Our other focus is entrepreneurship and connecting: sharing the good things we love with the people around us. Technology has forever changed the way that we live. The world is smaller than it's ever been before – we're connected more than ever. There are a lot of different labels for what we do, but we're doing something we'd do anyways: telling people about things we love. And through that, we make a living.
XANGO's business is both powerful and simple: you share health with others, and XANGO shares a living with you. When's the last time you told a friend about a product or company you liked? What's the last time that company rewarded you for that? Share your passion, and XANGO takes care of the rest—including a compensation plan that rewards you for doing the sharing you're doing already.
People from all walks of life have joined us, and made health their living: you can read their stories and see how they've achieved both physical and financial health by simply sharing their passion with others. We'd love to help you join them today.
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